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Our client works on: Business Growth, Strategic Innovation, microsoft, amazon, Startup ideas, Innovation Tech, Mobile, Cloud, IoT, UX, QA, HoloLens, Software, Software Consulting, Portals, New Technologies, Architecture, Factory, digital transformation, Virtual Reality, Cloud, Apps, CRM, Big Data, Software Factory, Amazon Partner, Microsoft Partner, Elastic Partner, Libellium Partner, App, Transformacion Digital, and Facebook Partner

We are looking for a Technical Leader

As a Technical Leader, you will be responsible for the technical path embraced by your development squad. As such, you will be in charge of deciding which technologies your team will be using to solve the needs of our clients, explaining to both the client and the team the pros and cons of applying that specific solution, and how that solution will be evolving in time, so it can keep adding value to the created product. You will be working together with a full-stack, multidisciplinary team to fulfill the
needs of our clients and improve the products we are creating, with the ultimate goal of increasing the value we provide to their business, while mentoring and helping to improve the technical skills of each squad member.



• With the company:
• Lead the technical path of a small multidisciplinary development team.
• Help each member of the team to improve their technical skills and move forward in their career
path. Unlock their true potential.
• Ease the adoption of new technological stacks to different company projects, for both technical
and non-technical co-workers.
• Help the team provide estimates for future work.

 With the project:

• Identify the project’s key quality attributes to maximize and define a path to achieve that.
• Define the technologies and architecture to use, adapting to changes through the creation of the product, ensuring from the technical side that the product goals will be reached within time and budget.
• Develop core components to help the team achieve peak performance and technical excellence, providing reliable solutions to the product.
• Define the technical responsibilities of each developer within a project, providing timely
feedback to the team, the PM and the Tech Office.
• Review and help your team review each other’s code, aiming for top quality and a pragmatic approach.
• Identify potential technical risks and issues. Work with the team and the Tech Office to mitigate
• With the client:
• Be the main responsible for the technical path taken by your team, providing solutions that not only will work to meet or exceed the client’s expectations, but also be maintainable by any other team.
• Create comprehensive documentation for the proposed technical solution.
• Work together with your technical counterparts from the client to make sure they understand and accept the proposed solutions, taking in account all the business and technical requirements.
• Ensure that the final delivered product meets the client’s expectations.

Qualifications Required:
• Experience leading a full-stack technical team.
• Excellent communication skills.
• Experience with several stacks (there’s no silver bullet).
• Experience with any cloud provider.
• Agile methodology experience.
• Think, breath, live in code.
• +7 years dev experience.
• +2 years lead experience.
• English ( upper intermediate)


• Experience with CRM
• Experience with React, Vue.js
• Experience with Docker and Kubernetes.
• Node.js and .NET stacks experience.
• Experience working with different sized customers, such as large companies or small startups.


• Ability to communicate technical solutions to non-technical people.
• Ability to timely predict deviation from budget or schedule.
• Results-oriented.
• Creative and Innovative.
• Ability to receive and offer feedback on a regular basis, eager to grow and develop within the organization.
• Strong attention to detail.
• Team leader and team player.
• Quick learner, adaptable to new technologies and processes.


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