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We are looking for candidate with great previous experience and knowledge, with the core goals of improving conversion rate and retention rate of service, design business plan based on a deep understanding of the Internet industry and media information services, formulate service operation plans, and promote the implementation of key actions. 


1. Graduated bachelor degree or above, proficient in English communication (speaking and writing), overseas study, living, and work experience are preferred. Portuguese knowledge is a plus.

2. Understand the VOD and TV industry trends and information, familiar with internet media services like IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, Netflix, Amazon prime, etc.

3. Have a strong passion for movies and TV shows, and working experience in media and internet companies is preferred; 

4. Good at user behaviors and data analysis research.

5. Have good operational planning and overall planning ability, and remain sensitive to changes in the industry, market environment and competitors' strategies; 

6. Strong logical thinking, execution and anti-stress ability.


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