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Publicado hace 15 días


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Tipo de puesto:

  At Gestion Compartida we're looking Frontend Senior to join to our customer software house team.


Software House

We are an ISO 9001 Certified company that provides a range of software services including technology advisory, customized web solutions, client/server developments, mobile applications and staff augmentation.


  For more than 10 years, we have been developing customized software solutions for web & mobile platforms and providing IT staff augmentation services to clients from all over the
world. We strive to develop solutions with creativity and professionalism in a friendly and inspiring environment.

We` d love you to be part of it!


Profile & Seniority

We are looking for a Sr. Frontend Developer to join us working on a highly challenging
Project. Its technology stack includes:

? Cloud Provider - AWS: EC2, Lambda, Aurora MySQL, Redshift, DynamoDB, ECS, SQS,SNS, Kinesis, S3, CloudFront, CloudFormation, SageMaker, KMS, CodePipeline, etc.
? UI Architecture: React, Redux, redux-saga, Apollo Client, Styled Components, Jest/Enzyme, etc.
? Event Bus: Kafka and Schema Registry.
? 3rd Party Vendors: Redis, Auth0 for Cloud Identity Federation (SSO, etc).
? AI: MinHash, Word2Vec, Convolution Neural Nets, Algorithmia (Lambda with GPUs) for training, PyTorch, Recurrent Neural Networks, Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Topic Modeling, etc.
? CI/CD: Terraform, Docker (via ECS), Jenkins, CodePipeline, GitHub, Artifactory Consul for: App Config, Service Discovery, Shared Secrets.
? Visibility: ELK Stack for logging, Data Dog, New Relic, Sentry.io
? Programming Languages: Python / Flask, JavaScript, C#/.NET, Java.
? Transport Mechanisms: Protobuf, Avro, HTTP Rest/JSON


Position Requirements:

Must be a seasoned UI engineer with advanced JavaScript/ES6 knowledge, 5+ years of
SPA development using modern UI frameworks and advanced CSS techniques

? Must enjoy the challenges of architecting a ‘micro-frontend’ architecture that does not
compromise UX and end user performance SLAs.
? Must be able to design and implement a layered application architecture that can be easily changed to accommodate evolving business requirements.
? Must design and communicate external and internal architectural perspectives of
well-encapsulated systems (e.g. Service Oriented Architecture, Docker based Services, micro-services).
? Might have experience using Feature or Release Toggles as a code branching strategy.
? Might have experience identifying, selecting and extending 3rd party components
(commercial or open source) that provide operational leverage.
? Might have experience with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
environments with an emphasis on a well-maintained testing pyramid.


Your day designing and operating platform wide services...

? Will include being part of an autonomous, cross-functional team designing, building and operating strategic, user-focused feature sets.
? Will including working on a modern ‘micro-frontend’ architecture designed to facilitate the development of high-quality software across multiple high-velocity, independent teams.
? Might be spent building a highly responsive Document Viewer that supports multiple native file types (PDF, Excel, Video, etc.) while providing easy-to-use facilities to augment the data with complex, domain specific work product.
? Might be spent creating an intuitive facility for users to build complex search queries that remain responsive while spanning terabytes of data.




? English In Company Training and Classes

? Excellent working environment

? Certifications

? Flexible hours and Home Office


? Periodic salary reviews and annual bonus

? Agreement with BGH for the purchase of its products with discounts

? Financing for the purchase of computers, computer supplies, cell phones and bikes

? Possibility of traveling

? 8 monthly lunches covered by the company

? Fruits, cookies, yogurt, cereals, bills and beers in our offices

El contenido de este aviso es de propiedad del anunciante. Los requisitos de la posición son definidos y administrados por el anunciante sin que Bumeran sea responsable por ello.
Salario bruto pretendido
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