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Come and work with Berlitz Argentina and Plan Ceibal!


Berlitz Argentina is looking for a motivated, energetic and dynamic professional to join our team working remotely with Plan Ceibal. This position is an excellent opportunity to develop your individual teaching practice, gain experience in the cutting edge of educational technologies and make a difference to young people in Uruguay.

The candidate will have:

·         Flexibility and the ability to solve problems on the spot.

·         A passion for teaching and communicating with young people.

·         The goal of living in Buenos Aires throughout the Academic year.

Applicant requirements:

·         MUST be a native speaker from an English-speaking country or have completed form Secondary education or above in an English-speaking country. This must be backed up with the relevant documentation.

·         MUST hold one of the following qualifications:

o   A Degree in ELT from a recognized University.

o   OR A completed TTC programme (Minimum 120 hours) from a recognized institution (TEFL, TESOL, CELTA) With a practicum component.

Candidates who do not hold the minimum requirements will not be considered.


Berlitz Argentina can offer you:

·         The opportunity to develop professionally with industry leading training.

·         A sponsored VISA plus corresponding benefits. To support you as a professional working in Argentina.

·         A competitive pay package.

·         Guaranteed work throughout the Academic year.


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