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DevOps Engineer is a professional focused in architecting and maintaining automation systems to facilitate build and deployment of products and tools. His deep understanding of the software life cycle in addition to the infrastructure background allows him to support regular cadence of production updates and hotfixes for live services of multiple products across platforms. He is capable of simplify the value stream mapping easing the adoption of any new deployment and configuration strategy.

The DevOps Engineer makes a key contribution supporting end-to-end application delivery, including Infrastructure provisioning and integration with CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) platforms, using existing and emerging technologies.



  • Promote the DevOps culture.

  • Responsible for the Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery processes to build, test, deploy, and promote applications in different environments and platforms.

  • Automating all facets of building, integrating, testing, and deploying software.

  • Develop, support, implement and maintain the processes, products, services, templates, scripts and tools necessary to execute and deliver DevOps best practices.

  • Implementing continuous deployment and zero-downtime releases.

  • Manages lifecycle and release management processes for applications, services and platforms.

  • Support, collaborate with and educate IT, QA and developing teams on proper use of build, testing, source control, automatization, provisioning, deployment and configuration management tools / systems / services.

  • Work with IT and developing teams to implement, support, and maintain an effective configuration management strategy.

  • Work with IT and security teams to navigate and manage risk, compliance issues, and audit requirements.

  • Work with  IT, QA and developing teams to help create a resilient, well-monitored, and maintainable deployment environment.

  • Provide advanced support for build and deployment pipeline tools to multiple development streams.

  • Support continuous improvement and acceleration of the deployment and value pipelines.

  • Carry personal responsibility for high quality implementation and changes to a live IT infrastructure.

  • Manage key operational systems on which millions of customers depend.

  • Implement Continuous Monitoring and Continuous Measurement workflows in order to help to monitor existing infrastructure, platforms, services and processes. Use the output of these processes to identify areas of weakness and propose improvements.




  • BS in Computer Science preferred or systems administration experience.

  • Experience with Microsoft Azure Cloud

  • Experience working with command line configuration and troubleshooting in a Windows environment.

  • Strong scripting skills in Python/Powershell/JavaScript.

  • Automated deployment, provisioning and configuration tools: PowerShell DSC, Puppet, Ansible.

  • Experience in working with containers: Docker, Kubernetes.


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