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•  You will be an integral member of the application development team, with special emphasis on the implementation of the business logic layer and access to application code data. (TSQL, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, etc.). 

• Review, analyze and modify existing proprietary applications to correct errors, improve performance and add new features, maintaining high-quality standards at all times.

• You will be able to solve production problems found by clients and internal consultants, informed by the software support team.

• You will participate in the planning of Sprint, Daily Standups, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retros as part of the life cycle of Agile Scrum software development.

• Lead and collaborate with other developers to solve problems and make technical decisions.



• University degree(or last semester), or Technologist in Systems Engineering, Computer Science, or related field. In case of not having a degree, have at least 5 years of demonstrable work experience.

• 4 years of experience developing with TSQL, C#, VB.NET or ASP.NET.

• Solid knowledge in object-oriented programming (OOP)

• Communication: Strong communication skills,  be able to write in a clear, concise, organized and convincing way. Ability to effectively present information to groups of managers, team members, clients, and users. C1 o c2 level English

• Teamwork: ability to build and maintain cooperative working relationships.

• Organization: Ability to organize resources to do things; can organize multiple activities at once to achieve one goal; use resources effectively and efficiently; organizes information in a useful way.

• Problem-solving: ability to identify information needed to effectively solve problems.

• Composure: ability to maintain calm and control intense or frustrating situations.

• Leadership: The candidate must be able to give instructions and tasks to other developers if required, clearly and concisely. It must also be willing to follow up on tasks, helping its task force to achieve the ultimate goal.

• Customer focus: the ability to cultivate relationships that ensure commitment and trust with the client’s external and internal needs.

• Action-oriented: ability to take practical action voluntarily to address a problem or situation promptly.

• Perseverance: ability to do something despite difficulty or delay to achieve success.

• Time management: ability to organize and prioritize assigned tasks.

• Ability to document tasks performed with the required level of detail.

• Understanding Microsoft development tools such as Visual Studio and Microsoft SQL, C#, TSQL

• Ability to manage environments, implement code, backup, and restorations.

• Medium/Advanced English Level

• Knowledge in new technologies (Azure, Cloud, Visual Studio Online, PowerBi) is not required but will be well valued

• Knowledge in Microsoft Dynamics AX / 365F&O will be highly appreciated.

Work status and location: Full time, remote work.


• The candidate must be able to do split shifts.  

Working hours are From 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday and

From 11:00 pm to 1:00 am Monday to Thursday

• Laptop with excellent Internet connection and sound card/microphone/headband for online conferencing.

• Medium or advanced knowledge of the English language (C1 to C2 Level).

•Stakeholders should be willing to conduct multiple interviews as required.  A technical test will also be conducted to assess candidates' abilities.

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